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Is Indian girls masturbation ?

Is the Indian girls masturbate this is an obvious Burning question. In Indian society, the masturbation is not good practice. Hi, my name is Savita Kumari from Mumbai. I born in a middle-class family so my family care so much of me especially my mother. She always teaches me the lessons about ethics and traditional Indian values. When I come in my age my mother teaches me lessons about my virginity. My mother teaches keep virginity till marriage. So I do as my mother teaches me and I follow it my bottom of my heart. What is masturbation? I don’t know but that day comes when took admission in college.

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First time Indian girls masturbate

What is masturbation? I got this question answer in college. Indian government initiative of sex education. Few girls of my college and myself, I attend those classes. This is essential in my life lessons. Then my friend bought a new smartphone in college. My friend’s boyfriend gifts her in her birthday. first time I saw a porn movie of a girl masturbation in the mobile phone. First the I am not well to see that movie in a phone. During watching porn various physical internal movements I experienced. My pussy gets expanded internally and contracted in short intervals.

I reach home and my father and mother went for engagement office colleague’s daughter engagement. I strip my college uniform then I look into the mirror. I strip my bra and panty spread my legs spread pussy with two fingers.Then I penetrate middle finger of my right hand in the pussy hole.It hurt and I scream my head is up and my finger is in pussy for 5 Min.I never pull it out till I am comfortable.When I pull it out some blood spills on the floor but not too much.

I go to the bathroom and take bath wash my pussy many times I comfortable it. After, but I clean the floor and arrange things properly. I call my friend with my landline number shares my experience. At First, her laugh on me “you masturbate today this your first time, ” I said yes “Now, you not virgin hum” yes. Then my father and mother came and I drop the dial on the phone.

Unsatisfied Indian girls masturbate

Now I know what is masturbation? so Next day I meet my friend and share my experience personally. Then she told me her experiences how she masturbates? and various methods she masturbates.She told me she practised masturbation three to four days gap with her finger.During the weekend her boyfriend having sex in the lodge. That makes me very horny feeling during the conversion but I suppressed my feelings.

After One week later at night in my room, I lock the door and strip my clothes. First, I put my finger in my pussy and masturbate. I did this ten to fifteen minutes the very deep feeling come from inside from me. I feel the whole body blood come near my pussy. Some white lubricating liquid dripped from pussy. The liquid stick to my finger it smells differently. I never smell such odour in my life span. Then I wash my hand and clean pussy with my underwear. Till I am also regular Indian girl’s who masturbate.Then I start using stuff to masturbate such as an old tooth brush. Sometimes I used the small talcum powder, plastic cans. Many times I used Long eggplants, cucumber, radish and carrot for masturbation.


Indian girls Must take precaution during masturbation

Many girls masturbate without taking precaution. So I share my personal experience. Please, please when you masturbate you must sanitise your hands before masturbating. If you are using the dildo must sanitise before masturbation. I was used the condom on the Banana then I masturbate it is the totally safe practice of masturbation. I will also suggest you use condoms to masturbate and stay safe.

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Indian girls aware masturbation benefits

According to researchers, the masturbation makes women happy. It helps to release the stress of girls. Masturbation really helps to get better sleep. Masturbation relieves the sexual urge of girls and women. Due to masturbation girls are able to know how to take the time to reach the orgasm. The negative part of masturbation is especially teenagers they get addicted. Researchers also found that there is no affection of sex with a young female.
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