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Hi I am Tanisha this is my Indian sex tale. I live in Delhi my flat opposite the handsome guy living with his parents. He study in 12th stranded in my school his name is Nakul. We are good friends I am study in 12th class. So I always go for asking difficulty of maths to Nakul. My parent never mind when i go to ask help in study.He was helping me in my studies. As time progressed He started getting bolder with me. Sometimes he used to hold my hand and explain me the problem. I noticed I was  too enjoying his touch and sometimes even I reciprocated. He was also interested in me as much as I was in Him. He used to sit very close to me.Day by day I was getting attracted to him more and more. It was getting really unbearable I just wanted him.

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That was Saturday Evening I go to Nakul home and the door was open so I Latched it and go to a Nakul room for asking maths problem. I ask him where is uncle and aunty he replied the go for Marriage reception function. I thought this is right time for tell my feeling to him.I gathered courage and while he explaining a science problem to me kept my hand on his thighs. He was surprised, but didn’t protest.

Then slowly I started rubbing her thigh with very slow motion. He was liking it, but was, I think, waiting for my next move. Then I asked him, “Nakul do you like what I am doing?”. He nodded his head and saw his cock is pointing toward me . That gave quite a confidence to proceed further. I started rubbing her thigh with more and more speed and also started covering more and more area. The feel of the flesh of this young hot was just incredible. He was wearing a short. I started pushing his short from her thigh so that only his salwar was in between my hand and her thigh. He was beginning to turn on.

His feeling and the _expression on her face was just making me hornier and hornier. He just wanted to get on top of her, but I resisted because since it was the first time I needed to be taken along slowly so that he also enjoys it to the maximum. I kept the books aside and turned towards him. We were sitting on a sofa. Now we were facing each other. Although he was a Handsome, tall boy he look nervous right. Maybe since it was her first time he was a bit nervous and needed to open up.

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I caught his head in my two hands and started smooching her. Ohhhhhhh my what a smooch it was I was just . We smooched for quite a time. It started getting very passionate. I started caressing him back simultaneously. The feel of his cock was amazing. I was enjoying every moment of this. I never knew this moment will come so easily.

Then he started kissing me neck and earlobes. Those are real erotic regions of women as I started moaning the moment I started kissing him there. My moaning voice added fuel into my sex. Then first time he pressed the object of my extreme desire “My breast”. That was an incredible moment and indefinable feeling. His hands was so soft as if a silky pad. So well rounded it seemed they defined what roundness is. So soft you will forget the feel of silk. the size was also good. Not too big not too small. He started pressing both of her tits.

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We both remove our upper clothes I removed my T shirt and jeans. He removed his T shirt and Short’s pants. He is in Underwear and I am in bra and panty. His cock is very big and to rise in high and big pointing straight toward me.We both were just dying to unify and feel each other’s head and body. I told her to sit on the sofa resting her back on it. Then He climbed on the sofa and partially on me. Here I was so close to the naked breasts of he looking them so closely. He first kissed my lips and then moved to her necks and then to my tits.
First, he started sucking my right tit and I was in the seventh heaven.

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He told me my nipples were as hard as his cock and He were pinching them biting them slightly with his teeth and he seemed to be enjoying it.He sucked my tit hard, almost like a child sucking milk from his mother’s breast. Then moved my tit to the left and was also pressing the right one.His cock was touching my belly. The heat of her body was just making me sweat. I never knew so much heat could be generated when two people are so horny. After almost sucking my tits for 5 to 10 minutes he moved lower. He kissed her belly and then my clitoris thru. He started going lower and lower and kissing my interior part thru her tongue. Then I said, “please remove my panty and then suck”. He happily obliged and removed My panty, and he saw for the first time pussy fully naked.

It was such a pink cute little pussy he told me. He said I had a bit of pubic hair. He massaged My pussy with tongue and then lowered my head and started sucking my pussy. I was in a state of ecstasy enjoying it very much and moaning and yelling “yeah, suck it, please aahhhhhhhhhhh yeah, suck it make me wet Ahhh woowwwwww ummmm” I was pressing her head into my pussy from the back. At one point he pressed me so hard into my pussy that I almost gasped. I told her to go easy.

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Then I said,”I can’t take it more now, please fuck me fuck me please”. He said,”Yes Tanisha lets do it!!”. He climbed up on me and positioned his cock in front of my vagina. I was watching sometimes to his cock and sometimes in He my eyes with a devilish smile. He slowly started pushing His cock into my hole. He said, “ok Tanisha get ready here I come in”.

I said, “Yah please push it in my Please, please, do it”. His cock started moving in slowly. Then after it was half in He felt some resistance may be He might have hit her hymen then He withdrew His cock slowly and with one full thirst rammed it in her vagina tearing my hymen apart. I screamed,”Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh it pained” I explained to her,” Nakul since this is my the first time, so my hymen had to be broken so it pains when you do it for the first time don’t worry after some time I will start enjoying it and will forget about the pain”. Then He again started in and out motion of his cock fucking her tight hole. He tells you there’s nothing in this world that can compare with the first time fucking of a virgin boy.

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My vagina then started becoming wet and thereby easing me in and out motion.I was moaning, “aahhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” and so do He ” oh Tanisha yr tight hole its so good wowwwwww ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” the room was filled with the sound of my waist banging against her butt “Patt Patt Patt……….”. I then started yelling,”yes, fuck me, fuck me hard ram it in yes yes aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I tore my hymen aahhhhhhh make me cum make me wet fuck me hard tore my cunt please aahhhhhhhhhhhhh”. He was saying, “yes baby I am going to fuck you hard till you tell me to stop I will tear your cunt I will fuck you hard you are my women, my baby”.

We continued fucking for around 5 to 10 minutes and after that, I felt the tension building and he was about to cum and then in a sudden spurt. He took out his cock from my vagina and shoot sperm on my belly and my mouth. I then licked his cock clean the remaining semen on his cock. It was a wild experience, we lay there in each other’s arm for some time totally exhausted. He then said I need to take a bath and went to the bathroom and after taking a bath I left, but promising to be back for Indian sex whenever the occasion arises.

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